Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Hand Sawing Practice

Some say that practice makes perfect. A wiser man will tell you that only perfect practice makes perfect. So if you’re having problems with any of your hand tool skills, get out there and practice perfect practice. Now, say that three times fast. Don’t wait until you start a new project to attempt a new … Read moreOnly Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

A Nickel for Your Thoughts

One of the most frustrating things I discovered while building my shop cabinets was getting the drawer faces aligned correctly.  Every time I got the drawer front aligned side-to-side, I’d discover that the vertical alignment had shifted.  It was a humbling exercise in patience building.  Who would have guessed that the solution to my problem could have been … Read moreA Nickel for Your Thoughts

Where did I put that Chisel?

One of the biggest hurdles I’ve faced in my small garage shop is finding where I’ve left things.  My second biggest hurdle is clearing the clutter off my workbench while working on a project.  Needless to say, the solution was something that goes against my very nature.  You see, I’m not a very organized person. … Read moreWhere did I put that Chisel?