Sony a6000

A Taste of Things to Come

Sony a6000
Sony a6000

Video is something completely new to me, but I think it will add a lot of value to my content.  Most of the videos I post, will consist of me attempting something for the first time.  Hopefully, I will be able to save you from a few of the mistakes I am sure to make a long the way.

I spent some time this weekend getting to know my new Sony a6000.  I also spent some time getting to know my video editing software, and where to find royalty free music.  I am a complete newbie, so bear with me.  Fortunately, I’m naturally artistic, so this shouldn’t be too bad.

If there’s anything you like to see, drop me a line in the comments section.  See you soon.


4 thoughts on “A Taste of Things to Come

  1. I really like the idea of showing mistakes, the more common the better. We see a lot of experts doing things the way it’s supposed to be done. It’s inspiring to watch, and they make it look simple. We learn a fair bit from this, but we aren’t easily able to take this information and identify and correct our mistakes.

    • Thanks Wesley. Even the experts make mistakes. From the point of view of a beginner / intermediate, such as myself, I make mistakes all of the time. Often, it’s mistakes that everyone makes at some point or another. As we gain experience, we take these little lessons for granted, or just assume that others won’t make them.

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