Changing Gears: Furniture Design

Changing Gears: Furniture Design

Furniture Design

I’d like to change gears for a minute and discuss something that I’m truly passionate about: furniture design. It’s one subject that just isn’t talked about enough. It’s the one thing that sets the masters apart from amateur. More importantly, I believe it’s a skill that anyone can learn.

Design is something I plan to talk about more in the following months.  I want to examine what makes a piece of furniture genuinely beautiful. What are it’s proportions? How does grain pattern and color compliment the piece? What makes the piece unique? I plan to examine these topics in detail, as I attempt to develop my own personal style.

If this is a subject that excites you as well, stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Changing Gears: Furniture Design

  1. What books are you reading on this subject ?

    I agree completely with you. I am just not sure if this is a gift or a learned trait ?

    My brain is extremely square. I look at a lot of incredible furniture and just wonder how it got there.

    For me I think it will be a learned trait from experience. Building lots of something and taking one design and going a little different direction.

    Look forward to talking with you about this, hopefully at the next Saturday AM breakfast.

    BTW, are you a member of the Georgia Woodworkers Guild. I think is is really good. Monthly meetings.

    • Bartee,

      I’ve been reading Tolpin’s “By Hand and Eye”. I also like “Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice” by Robert Lawlor. I think a lot of what we find aesthetically pleasing has proportions commonly found in nature. A lot of its about discovering natural patterns and proportions and applying them to your designs. I’m just starting my journey down the rabbit hole, so I have a lot to learn. I’d love to talk to you more about this next Saturday. I look forward to seeing you!

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