Opening New Doors: Installing an Exterior Door

Exterior Door Complete

I started installing an exterior door several weeks ago.  However, bad weather and other projects sidelined me.  With the door installed, I couldn’t imagine the shop without it. I completed the door framing about two weeks ago.  I purchased the door before getting started, so I could take measurements and test fit the door in … Read more

Power for the Shop: Workshop Electrical on a Budget

Garage Workshop Electrical

Houston, we have power! The new garage workshop finally has real power.  I will never have enough outlets.  However, I did my best to ensure adequate coverage, while sticking to a budget.  I’m relatively proficient with residential electric, so I did most of the leg work to keep costs down.  Then, I hired an electrician … Read more

A Serious Garage Door for the Garage Workshop and Other Updates

Garage Door Outside

Did I need a new garage door?  No.  However, adding insulation and conditioning won’t do much good if I kept the drafty uninsulated door that came with the house. This was a long time waiting.  I ordered the door the day after Thanksgiving.  A representative called me the day before the scheduled installation and informed … Read more

A Few Tips for Workshop Demolition

Drywall removal

Workshop demolition isn’t difficult.  Hell, it’s downright fun.  However, have a plan before you get started. I removed all the drywall on two exterior walls of the workshop to make my life easier.  With the drywall removed, installing electrical, insulation and a new exterior door is much easier.  Here’s a few tips I discovered along … Read more

Planning a Garage Workshop

Planning a garage workshop

Planning a garage workshop is intimidating.  Working with limited space is frustrating.  Knowing where to compromise is the key to success. Create drawings.  Create many of them.  Make one for each of your key systems: structural, machine locations, electrical, dust collection, lighting, etc. First, I created a two-dimensional structural drawing.  I drew it to scale … Read more