Drywall for the Garage Workshop: Part 2

Completed Drywall

I am no drywall expert.  Many experienced professionals have detailed the process of taping and mudding.  So, I won’t go into too much detail about the process and techniques.  Instead, I will cover some of the lessons I learned doing this as a DIY homeowner. A quick overview of my process I pre-filled all of … Read moreDrywall for the Garage Workshop: Part 2

Workshop Update: Patience


Patience isn’t something I do well. The weather isn’t cooperating, so I haven’t mudded the drywall.  I can’t paint until the drywall is complete.  I haven’t ordered air-conditioning because the paint isn’t complete.  The list goes on from there. The forecast is looking better, but I have other commitments.  Fortunately, I have Monday off and … Read moreWorkshop Update: Patience

Drywall for the Garage Workshop: Part 1

This is my first time hanging drywall and it ain’t easy doing it by yourself. My ceilings are over 8 feet high.  So, I purchased 9′ sheets, and hung the drywall vertically.  This way, I will avoid as much necessary work as possible.  Now that I’ve hung 10 sheets all by myself, I have a … Read moreDrywall for the Garage Workshop: Part 1

Garage Workshop Lighting

Workshop Lighting

No more stubbed toes.  The workshop lighting is complete.     I hung eight, dual-bulb fixtures for a total of sixteen T8 LED bulbs.  I wanted to secure the fixtures to the joists, but that wasn’t possible.  I secured the fixtures using several drywall anchors.  The drywall in the ceiling is 5/8th-inch thick and the … Read moreGarage Workshop Lighting

Insulating a Garage Workshop: Part I

The light at the end of the tunnel, finally!  My hands are a little sore from securing around 400 staples.  However, insulating a garage workshop was one of the easiest tasks I’ve completed so far.  I suggest you try this yourself as opposed to hiring it out. Before installing the batts, I sealed all the … Read moreInsulating a Garage Workshop: Part I