Roubo Legs: Squaring End-Grain

Squaring end-grain with a low-angle jack

There’s a bit of stigma when it comes to squaring end-grain.  It really isn’t all that difficult.  Just follow the same rules you do for long-grain and make sure you have a sharp plane iron.  The real trick is ensuring exact, crisp layout. Start by knifing in your line using an accurate square.  Assuming your … Read moreRoubo Legs: Squaring End-Grain

Roubo Build: Jointing Wide Edges Dead Square

Jointing Wide Edges by Hand

Jointing wide edges can be tricky. Fortunately, I did my research. It was time consuming, but not difficult.  If I can do it, so can you. Before you joint an edge it’s important that you establish a reference face that is flat, straight, and free of twist. I covered how I accomplished this here: Milling the … Read moreRoubo Build: Jointing Wide Edges Dead Square

Milling By Hand: Rough Milling

  Milling lumber with hand tools can be broken down into two distinct processes : rough milling and fine milling.  Today, I want to walk you through the process of rough milling a board by hand.  This is typically accomplished with hand saws and will prepare a board to be finished 4-square with hand planes.  It isn’t … Read moreMilling By Hand: Rough Milling