The Bogg’s Shave Horse: Ratchet and Key

The placement of the ratchet key worried me.  If installed incorrectly, the lower jaws won’t work properly on the shave horse.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t received any good instruction on how to locate it.  In the end, I devised a good solution that I think will help anyone building a similar shave horse.  Keep reading to … Read moreThe Bogg’s Shave Horse: Ratchet and Key

Making a Boggs Inspired Shave Horse

Shave Horse

Chair making deeply interests me.  The sensuous curves of a Maloof rocker and practicality of a ladder back captivate me.  Despite this, I have yet to build more than a few Adirondack chairs.  So, I signed myself up for Jeff Miller’s chair building class in November.  In the meantime, I decided to learn all I … Read moreMaking a Boggs Inspired Shave Horse

Missing the Woodworking in America Action

I planned on attending Woodworking in America this year.  It was high on my priority list.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t in the cards.  I spent all my coin (and then some) on the shop build earlier this year.  I don’t regret a thing.  Maybe, I will make it next year. Fortunately, I get to spend … Read moreMissing the Woodworking in America Action

Sheet Metal Screws vs Rivets for Ductwork

Rivets for Ductwork

While finishing the ductwork for my dust collection system, I ran into a dilemma.  The sheet metal screws protrude into the ducting more than I was comfortable with.  I used the shortest screws I could find.  However, the length of the screws concerned me that chips might snag on screws and lead to bigger issues. … Read moreSheet Metal Screws vs Rivets for Ductwork

Shop Update

I spent the last few days getting the walls ready for paint.  It has taken more time than I initially expected.  Doesn’t everything? The paint on the two existing walls was in bad shape.  It was peeling badly at the bottom along the entire length.  I used a scraper to remove most of the easy … Read moreShop Update

Workshop Update: Patience


Patience isn’t something I do well. The weather isn’t cooperating, so I haven’t mudded the drywall.  I can’t paint until the drywall is complete.  I haven’t ordered air-conditioning because the paint isn’t complete.  The list goes on from there. The forecast is looking better, but I have other commitments.  Fortunately, I have Monday off and … Read moreWorkshop Update: Patience

Power for the Shop: Workshop Electrical on a Budget

Garage Workshop Electrical

Houston, we have power! The new garage workshop finally has real power.  I will never have enough outlets.  However, I did my best to ensure adequate coverage, while sticking to a budget.  I’m relatively proficient with residential electric, so I did most of the leg work to keep costs down.  Then, I hired an electrician … Read morePower for the Shop: Workshop Electrical on a Budget

A Serious Garage Door for the Garage Workshop and Other Updates

Garage Door Outside

Did I need a new garage door?  No.  However, adding insulation and conditioning won’t do much good if I kept the drafty uninsulated door that came with the house. This was a long time waiting.  I ordered the door the day after Thanksgiving.  A representative called me the day before the scheduled installation and informed … Read moreA Serious Garage Door for the Garage Workshop and Other Updates