A Few Tips for Workshop Demolition

Drywall removal

Workshop demolition isn’t difficult.  Hell, it’s downright fun.  However, have a plan before you get started. I removed all the drywall on two exterior walls of the workshop to make my life easier.  With the drywall removed, installing electrical, insulation and a new exterior door is much easier.  Here’s a few tips I discovered along … Read more

I’m Back

I have a problem with slacking off on the blog towards the end of the summer.  It’s usually the heat.  However, this time I have a better excuse.  I’m getting a new shop. The goal is to one day build a custom-house with a separate workshop.  That’s not possible at the moment, so we decided … Read more

Embracing Electron Power: My Migration Towards Power Tools

Minimax FS30

I love my hand tools.  They’re soothing and cathartic.  But, the one thing I love more than using hand tools is designing furniture.  Eventually, I want to do this full-time.  If I want to take this passion full-time, I need to embrace electron power.   I need to focus more time on design and less on … Read more