Crap Wood for Good Workbenches

I think that anyone interested in building a Roubo should seriously consider yellow pine. I found this post from Christ Schwarz immensely useful in selecting the very best lumber from your local Borg. Build a great bench without breaking the bank. Crap Wood for Good Workbenches You can find links to my other Roubo posts … Read moreCrap Wood for Good Workbenches

Roubo Design Update: What I Learned

Finished Roubo Bench

The Roubo design is complete.  The bench top might be taking longer than I’d like, but at least I was able to finalize the details.  Does anyone want to donate a powered jointer? I had a few minutes over my lunch break, and was able to finish the sliding dead-man, bang out a vise chop, … Read moreRoubo Design Update: What I Learned

Roubo Build: Rough Milling the Beams for the Bench Top

Rough milling large beams by hand, can be very intimidating. I had a few boards slip during glue-up and was afraid it would take forever to correct. Fortunately, a sharp jack plane with a cambered iron made quick work of the rough milling for the Roubo bench top. I started by planing with the grain … Read moreRoubo Build: Rough Milling the Beams for the Bench Top

Bench Top Lamination Follow Up

Bench Top Lamination Sections Glued Up

I finished the last section of my bench top lamination and  learned some valuable lessons along the way. Overall, things went well, but there are a few things I would do differently in the future. The biggest challenge was the sheer number of boards for the top and their cumbersome length. Here are the tips I … Read moreBench Top Lamination Follow Up

Jointing Long Edges by Hand

Jointing long edges by hand ended up being a little more work than I expected. Yellow pine planes nicely, but it’s resinous nature creates a lot of friction. It also required spending a little extra time cleaning my tools free of the resin. My current workbench couldn’t support the long boards for edge jointing. I … Read moreJointing Long Edges by Hand