A Marking Knife to Rule Them All

The ability to accurately mark out stock is critical. Unfortunately, not all marking knives are created equal. I’ve been using the Pattern Pilot from Czeck Edge for a few months now and have grown to love it. It’s not perfect for every task, but it excels at those for which it was designed. The Pattern … Read moreA Marking Knife to Rule Them All

Sharpening: Regrinding a Bevel

Keeping your tools sharp is paramount to enjoying the time you spend in your shop working wood.  This is even more important to those of us who have limited time to spend in the shop.  If you’re like me, you enjoy building furniture more than you enjoy sharpening your tools.  The best way to minimize … Read moreSharpening: Regrinding a Bevel

Time to unwind

Beautiful furniture requires accurate joinery, and that accuracy requires square boards which are free of twist. Even small amounts of twist can wreak havoc with forming solid joints. To detect these minute amounts of warpage, a tool is needed. The tool most often employed is the winding stick. Winding sticks are nothing more than a … Read moreTime to unwind