Building the Perfect Router Table

Router Table

I experienced a love hate-relationship with my small, bench-top router table.  I regretted selling it, but it was a pain to use.  I promised myself that I would build a better one as soon as I got moved into the new shop.  That’s exactly what I did. Finding inspiration in Norm Abram’s Deluxe Router Station, … Read moreBuilding the Perfect Router Table

Dust Collection: Snap-lock Ducting

Snap-lock ducting offers a great compromise between affordability, durability, and ease of install.  Fittings and adapters are easy to find locally and online. The only tools needed are a HVAC crimping tool and an offset tin shear.  I purchased both for less than $25. I am using Gripple’s Hang-Fast system.  It makes hanging your ductwork … Read moreDust Collection: Snap-lock Ducting

Dust Collection: Installing the Super Dust Gorilla

Good dust collection is a productivity saver.  Good fine dust collection is a lung saver.  That’s why I invested money into a powerful dust collector with pre-separation. I did a lot of research and decided on the Super Dust Gorilla from Oneida Air.  It has a powerful 3hp motor, cyclone separator, and HEPA filter (filters … Read moreDust Collection: Installing the Super Dust Gorilla

Garage Workshop Build: Installing a Mini-Split Ductless Air-conditioner

No more sweating profusely over expensive cast iron tools.  No more miserable summer days in the shop.  All thanks to my Mitsubishi mini-split ductless air-conditioner and the nice HVAC guys who turned up the system yesterday afternoon. Ductless, split heat-pumps (also known as mini-splits) are the new standard in efficient heating and air.  These consist … Read moreGarage Workshop Build: Installing a Mini-Split Ductless Air-conditioner

Garage Workshop Build: Paint and Trim

It’s finally starting to look like a real workshop. After reading a few product reviews and tests, I settled on a paint and primer in one from Sherwin Williams.  In the past, I’ve always used the cheapest stuff I could find at the Borg.  Since the original paint had adhesion issues, I used something a … Read moreGarage Workshop Build: Paint and Trim

Drywall for the Garage Workshop: Part 2

Completed Drywall

I am no drywall expert.  Many experienced professionals have detailed the process of taping and mudding.  So, I won’t go into too much detail about the process and techniques.  Instead, I will cover some of the lessons I learned doing this as a DIY homeowner. A quick overview of my process I pre-filled all of … Read moreDrywall for the Garage Workshop: Part 2

Workshop Update: Patience


Patience isn’t something I do well. The weather isn’t cooperating, so I haven’t mudded the drywall.  I can’t paint until the drywall is complete.  I haven’t ordered air-conditioning because the paint isn’t complete.  The list goes on from there. The forecast is looking better, but I have other commitments.  Fortunately, I have Monday off and … Read moreWorkshop Update: Patience