Roubo Design Update: What I Learned

Finished Roubo Bench

The Roubo design is complete.  The bench top might be taking longer than I’d like, but at least I was able to finalize the details.  Does anyone want to donate a powered jointer? I had a few minutes over my lunch break, and was able to finish the sliding dead-man, bang out a vise chop, … Read moreRoubo Design Update: What I Learned

Sketchup to the Rescue

  While reviewing the instructions for my Bench Crafted leg vise, I realized that the location of the tenon for my front stretcher was going to interfere with the mortise of the criss-cross. Bench Crafted provides details on how to work around this if you’re using their nuts and bolts. However, I wanted to stay … Read moreSketchup to the Rescue