Using the Kell Honing Guide to Quickly Produce Keen Edges

Realizing that the Kell honing guide was a bit tricky to use effectively, I thought it would be good to write a follow up to my recent review, found here: A Review: The Kell Honing Guide Using the Kell honing guide takes some getting used to, but is a breeze once you become acquainted.  The first … Read moreUsing the Kell Honing Guide to Quickly Produce Keen Edges

Roubo Build: Rough Milling the Beams for the Bench Top

Rough milling large beams by hand, can be very intimidating. I had a few boards slip during glue-up and was afraid it would take forever to correct. Fortunately, a sharp jack plane with a cambered iron made quick work of the rough milling for the Roubo bench top. I started by planing with the grain … Read moreRoubo Build: Rough Milling the Beams for the Bench Top

A Review: The Kell Honing Guide

I’ve probably been down every sharpening rabbit hole that exists. I’m always searching for the ultimate in terms of edge maintenance. It’s not all about the keenest edge possible. For me, it’s just as important to have a system that’s quick and easy to use. I’ve had a great system for my plane irons for … Read moreA Review: The Kell Honing Guide

Bench Top Lamination Follow Up

Bench Top Lamination Sections Glued Up

I finished the last section of my bench top lamination and  learned some valuable lessons along the way. Overall, things went well, but there are a few things I would do differently in the future. The biggest challenge was the sheer number of boards for the top and their cumbersome length. Here are the tips I … Read moreBench Top Lamination Follow Up

Sketchup to the Rescue

  While reviewing the instructions for my Bench Crafted leg vise, I realized that the location of the tenon for my front stretcher was going to interfere with the mortise of the criss-cross. Bench Crafted provides details on how to work around this if you’re using their nuts and bolts. However, I wanted to stay … Read moreSketchup to the Rescue

Jointing Long Edges by Hand

Jointing long edges by hand ended up being a little more work than I expected. Yellow pine planes nicely, but it’s resinous nature creates a lot of friction. It also required spending a little extra time cleaning my tools free of the resin. My current workbench couldn’t support the long boards for edge jointing. I … Read moreJointing Long Edges by Hand