Using the Kell Honing Guide to Quickly Produce Keen Edges

Realizing that the Kell honing guide was a bit tricky to use effectively, I thought it would be good to write a follow up to my recent review, found here: A Review: The Kell Honing Guide Using the Kell honing guide takes some getting used to, but is a breeze once you become acquainted.  The first … Read more

Roubo Build: Rough Milling the Beams for the Bench Top

Rough milling large beams by hand, can be very intimidating. I had a few boards slip during glue-up and was afraid it would take forever to correct. Fortunately, a sharp jack plane with a cambered iron made quick work of the rough milling for the Roubo bench top. I started by planing with the grain … Read more