Epifanes Marine Varnish: An Exterior Wood Finish That Lasts

by Patrick Harper - Blood, Sweat, and Sawdust

Epifanes Marine Varnish: An Exterior Finish that Lasts

Epifanes: An Exterior Finish that Lasts

About a year ago, I built a pair of Adirondack chairs for a client. I had already built a similar pair of chairs before, but the client wanted a nice exterior finish. I wanted to ensure that they got what they were looking for with as little maintenance as possible. The sun can be harsh.

I scoured the Internet. I reviewed what seemed like hundreds of options. However, I kept running across a particular marine varnish. Enter Epifanes.

The high gloss finish might not be for everyone, but the promises of longevity were there. Thinned down a bit, it was easy enough to apply. Most importantly, the clients seemed happy with the appearance. Yet, concerns of maintenance troubled me.

While visiting family over the weekend, I had the opportunity to check up on the chairs and see how they were holding up. The chairs sit on a porch that recieves a lot of direct sunlight. I was a little worried of what I might find. Fortunately, the finish is holding up great. Despite a year of direct sunlight, the varnish still looks fresh. Not even a hint of hazing.

If you don’t mind the high gloss look, I would highly recommend Epifanes marine varnish.