Jointing and Ripping

by Patrick Harper - Blood, Sweat, and Sawdust


Jointing the long boards for the top ended up being a little more work than I expected. Yellow pine planes nicely, but it’s resinous nature creates a lot of friction. It also required spending a little extra time cleaning my tools free of the resin.

My current workbench couldn’t support the long boards for edge jointing. I worked around this by cutting a scrap board to the approximate height of my vise and clamping that to the opposite leg. This allowed the other end of the board a place to rest.


From there it was just a matter of ripping these boards to width on the band saw. These narrow boards gave much less fuss than the original 11″ wide boards. The resulting boards end up being nearly quartersawn. The board shown above was the worst of the bunch.  As a result there’s no need to joint the faces of these boards. I’ll just run both sides through the planer and glue them up.

Stay tuned.

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