A Quick Roubo Workbench Update

by Patrick Harper - Blood, Sweat, and Sawdust

The Almost-Complete 2015 Roubo Workbench

The Almost-Complete 2015 Roubo Workbench

With the base attached to the top, I was able to get the Roubo workbench flipped so I could finish the details.  Despite weighing nearly 300 lbs, I managed this myself.  The saw-benches are the perfect height for this operation.  You just need to go slow, and be careful.  I’m thinking about making a quick video of the process.  I think it could be helpful for those who might want to do some updates on their heavy workbench.

I chamfered the bottoms of the legs and bored hold-fast holes in the front, right leg.  I also assembled the leg-vise and gave it a quick test.  The Bench Crafted hardware is sweet.  I can almost close the vise from full-open with a single spin of the bar.

I started flattening the top, and will post a separate article detailing the process.  Once that is complete, I need to shape the vise chop, make a sliding-deadman, build a shelf, and bore hold-fast holes.  Then, I’ll finally be able to build some furniture on the bench.

Stay tuned.

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