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A Hand Tool Cabinet: Lumber Selection

Cherry Lumber

Work is slow on the tool cabinet.  However, I scored a good deal on the lumber for the project.  As a result, I now have 40 board foot of nice cherry.  The mill listed the lumber as 4/4.  However, the it’s all closer to 5/4.  Additionally, the boards are all straight, clear, and over 9-inches wide.

I cut all the boards to rough length, and thicknessed them to 1/8th-inch over final thickness.  Now, I will wait another week or so for the boards to acclimate.  Then, I will finishing milling them at start work on the case joinery.

I would love to use cherry plywood for the door panels.  However, I’m can’t find anything 1/2-inch thick.  It seems to be available in 3/4 only.  If I can’t source cherry plywood, I will use maple.  It’s easy to source in 1/2-inch, and should give some contrast once the cherry darkens.

If you know of an Atlanta area dealer that stocks 1/2-inch cherry plywood, let me know.  Thanks.

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Son of a Beech

200 BF of European Beech

200 BF of European Beech

It really pays to have good friends who need more shop space.  My friend asked me if I’d like the left over European beech from his Roubo bench, and I was happy to jump at the chance.  This left-over lumber amounted to over 200 bf.  Most pieces are less than 3 inches wide, but there’s a few wider boards.  Almost all of it us 10/4 and rift-sawn.  There’s plenty of great table/chair leg material in there.  I think I’ll use some of it to make a nice sharpening or joinery bench.  What should I do with the rest?

Never miss an opportunity to snag some quality lumber….even if you don’t have the space.  This is a good reason you should always keep your shop neat and tidy.