More on Shop Cabinets

by Patrick Harper - Blood, Sweat, and Sawdust

I am currently finishing up my second set of shop cabinets.  This build is definitely more complex than the last.  It will include two base cabinets and a rolling cart for my miter saw.  The miter saw cabinet will sit between the two base cabinets, with the top of the miter saw flush with the top of the base cabinets.  Eventually, I will build a custom router table that can be swapped out for the miter cabinet.  By far, the most complex cabinet in this set will be the base cabinet that will sit on the left-hand side.  Below I will detail the build of this cabinet.

This base cabinet will be 48 inches wide and 30 inches deep.  It will be about 35 inches high and include levelers at the base.  It will have a total of 8 drawers in two equal banks.

The first thing I did was cut most of my parts.  It’s critical that the sides, back, and face frames are dead square.  After the parts are cut, I glue and nail my doublers to the inside of the sides.  I mark the sides to identify the inside left and right.  It’s important to get the doublers level and parallel to one another, because this is where your drawer slides will mount.


Once the glue has dried, I use the sides to mark the location of my doublers on the center supports.  It really helps to clamp things down.  Once, you have transferred your marks, go ahead and nail/glue your doublers.  



Next, I carefully marked the center of my face frames and rear supports, and added two scrap pieces to help strengthen and position the center, vertical supports during assembly.  Once, you have these done, you are ready for assembly.


Check back for more updates.