The Importance of Planning

by Patrick Harper - Blood, Sweat, and Sawdust

Failure to Plan

Failure to Plan

I’ve heard it said that, “failure to plan, is planning to fail”.  This is how I felt yesterday afternoon as I prepared to glue the two halves of my bench top together.  I quickly discovered that I had forgotten to purchase more paint rollers to spread the glue.  I didn’t have a sufficient alternative, so the glue-up will have to wait.  Fortunately, another warm day is right around the corner.

I didn’t let this hiccup set me back.  Instead, I started working on the legs.  I rough cut all of my boards and set them aside.  Today,  I will joint and edge and rip to width.  With any luck, I will be gluing up the blanks this weekend.   The important thing is to keep moving.

Stay tuned.

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