My First Cabinet Saw

by Patrick Harper - Blood, Sweat, and Sawdust


I never thought I’d own a table saw.  I thought they were dangerous.  I thought they were for people who lacked the finesse to master hand tools.  It turns out, there’s so much you can do on a table saw that you can’t do with another tool.

I struggled between the European style sliders and the SawStop.  I decided on the Saw Stop Professional Cabinet Saw with 36″ table.  You can’t beat the European sliding table saws for accuracy and versatility.  However, the Saw Stop is better for me in terms of budget, size, safety, and available support.

That said, the Saw Stop is an excellent cabinet saw.  Assembly is straight forward (the manual is likely the best I’ve ever seen).  The fit and finish are superb.  The mobile base is easy to use.  So far, there’s nothing not to like.  I will give a more in-depth review after I’ve used the saw for a few months.  I’ve only made a few test cuts, but they were square and clean, even with the stock blade (I have a Forrest Woodworker II to try out later).  I also have a dado set on the way.

Stay tuned.  I will have a quick video of the Minimax FS30 in use very soon.