Rabbet Season

by Patrick Harper - Blood, Sweat, and Sawdust


My current workbench has served me well, but it’s severely lacking in its work holding ability. I recently discovered that I had no way to efficiently hold a work-piece while hand-planing rabbets. I had no way of holding the piece without the fence on my skew rabbet plane getting in the way. I wanted to drill a new dog hole closer to the edge, so that the fence would hang off the side while planing. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible due to the threaded bolts that secure the rails to the legs.

Since I can’t really afford to build a nice Roubo bench at the moment, I set out to find a simple, cost-effective solution. What I came up with was a planing stop with a fence on the back edge that extends the length of the stop. This allows me to set my work piece on top and use the fence and a clamp to secure everything. I can align the shoulder with the end of the fence so that nothing gets in the way while planing. It also works great for face jointing wide stock.