Garage Workshop Lighting

by Patrick Harper - Blood, Sweat, and Sawdust

No more stubbed toes.  The workshop lighting is complete.

workshop lighting



I hung eight, dual-bulb fixtures for a total of sixteen T8 LED bulbs.  I wanted to secure the fixtures to the joists, but that wasn’t possible.  I secured the fixtures using several drywall anchors.  The drywall in the ceiling is 5/8th-inch thick and the fixture/bulb combo is very light.  This shouldn’t present a problem.

Placing the fixtures was straight forward.  I used some 1×3 scraps to evenly space each one.

There were two small fixtures in the garage when I inherited it.  I used these fixtures to tie in the new lights, and placed a cover over the opening of the old light box.  This light box is now my junction box.  It is difficult to take direct pictures of the layout, so see below.  I had to change my original layout due to the attic access stairway.   This will work better, because my only dark spot is an area that isn’t used for critical work.

I shot for 100 lumens per sq-ft, and I think I got close.  The new workshop lighting is bright and even.  I purchased all my lighting from  I highly recommend them.

Stay tuned for more of the workshop build.

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