Workshop Update

by Patrick Harper - Blood, Sweat, and Sawdust

There haven’t been any large developments over the last week.  However, there have been several small ones.

With the help of my lovely wife, I hung my air filtration unit.  We almost died in the process, but we did get it up there.  It was difficult to see above the unit, and we accidentally knocked a couple of the s-hooks loose during the installation.

Air Filtration

After removing the old garage door opener, I discovered signs of arc-flashing on the ceiling receptacle.  I replaced the receptacle and added an extension cord reel.

Extension Reel

I added two additional soffit vents and may add a vent fan to the gable vent.

Soffit Vent

Oh, and the drywall arrived.  I’ve started hanging sheet rock and I’ve already learned a few tricks.  Stay tuned for the full write-up.


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