My Garage Workshop Build

by Patrick Harper - Blood, Sweat, and Sawdust

The past few months have been very busy.  In addition to the holidays, we moved into a new house just before Thanksgiving.  This keeps me from building furniture, but also provides a perfect opportunity to build a new shop from scratch.   No longer limited by the rules of a Home Owners Association, I can now install that mini-split air-conditioning unit I’ve always wanted…among other things

In the following weeks, I will detail my progress.  I will detail any helpful tips I discover along the way.  Stay tuned for more of my garage workshop build.



Part 1: Planning a Garage Workshop

Part 2: Workshop Demolition

Part 3: The Garage Door

Part 4: Workshop Electrical

Part 5: Installing an Exterior Door

Part 6: Insulating a Garage Workshop: Part I

Part 7: Workshop Lighting

Part 8: Hanging Drywall

Part 9: Taping and Mudding Drywall

Part 10: Paint and Trim

Part 11: Ductless Mini-split Air-conditioner

Part 12: Dust Collection: Part 1

Part 13: Dust Collection: Part 2

Part 14: Dust Collection: Part 3

Part 15: Garage Workshop Complete