Dust Collection: Installing the Super Dust Gorilla

by Patrick Harper - Blood, Sweat, and Sawdust

Good dust collection is a productivity saver.  Good fine dust collection is a lung saver.  That’s why I invested money into a powerful dust collector with pre-separation.

I did a lot of research and decided on the Super Dust Gorilla from Oneida Air.  It has a powerful 3hp motor, cyclone separator, and HEPA filter (filters 99.97% of .3-.5 micron particles).

I have nothing but good things to say about the great people at Oneida Air.  They were fair and very helpful.  Their product is extremely well made and made entirely in the USA.

Bracket and Cone-web

I opted for the wall bracket.  Initially, I attached the bracket to two studs.  I was a concerned about durability so, I tied in two more studs using 2×6 cross-braces.  This feels much more secure.

Improved Bracing-web

Then, I assembled the barrel to the fan housing, and the motor to the fan housing.  The top half of the assembly weighs well over 100 lbs.  Attaching it to the cone on the bracket was not easy for two able men.  Do not attempt this by yourself.

Barrel Assembly-web

Barrel and Cone-web

Then, I simply attached the filter using the supplied hardware.  I replaced the supplied plug with a L6-30 twist lock.  I had an issue with the bolts used to connect the filter plenum to the fan housing.  They were too short.  This is due to the gasket material used between parts.  They might have worked if I had clamped down the flange to compress the gasket.  Instead, I went out and spent a few bucks on longer screws.

I did a quick fire with everything attached using the optional remote control.  Everything works flawlessly.  I can’t believe how much air this thing pulls.  I’m looking forward to a dust free work area.  I just need to get the ductwork installed.

Please, check out Oneida Air at www.oneida-air.com

Super Dust Gorilla-web

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