Roubo Workbench Update: She’s Got Legs…

by Patrick Harper - Blood, Sweat, and Sawdust

Roubo Workbench Legs

Roubo Workbench Legs

The Roubo workbench project is finally starting to come together.  I have all four leg blanks glued up.  Two legs have been 4-squared, and I will complete the other two legs tonight.  Then, I will cut them to length and start working on the joinery.

Milling up the legs was much easier than milling the bench top sections.  Part of this is due to the fact that the legs are so much shorter.  Not only were the bench top sections a pain to mill, but they’re a pain to move around.  The other significant factor is experience.  Nothing will hone your milling skills like building a Roubo workbench from construction lumber.  I almost feel like I could teach a class on milling lumber by hand (if I weren’t such a lousy teacher).  It’s also excellent cardio!

Now the real fun begins.  I get to start on the joinery!  I’ll start with the tenons on the legs and then move on to the huge mortises on the bottom of the bench top.  But, first I need to flatten the bottom of the workbench.

Stay tuned…the excitement starts soon.

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